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Put Your Customers
To Work For You

Video testimonials from your best customers are the most powerful form of video you can use! Better still, video testimonials are also the most economical form of video to produce for your business!


Client: Spireon, Inc.

Spireon is a connected vehicle intelligence company based in California.

How We Helped:

Spireon contacted Davideo Company wanting to produce two video testimonials with clients who are based in Texas. We had one of our freelance shooters in the Dallas area record the interviews and b-roll and send the footage back to us to edit in Massachusetts. The client loved the video content so much that they decided to create two additional videos using the footage.

You can view all four of the videos we produced here.


Client: The New England Business Association

The New England Business Association, formerly known as the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE), runs diverse educational and networking programs with active chapters in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

How We Helped:

The New England Business Association hired Davideo Company to produce two video testimonials with current members of their Senior Executive Circle program. Once complete, they used the videos to promote registration for the program by sending them out in a series of emails as well as embedding them on their website.


Client: The MetroWest Medical Center

The MetroWest Medical Center offers a variety of medical services at their locations in Framingham, Natick, and Milford.

How We Helped:

The MetroWest Medical Center’s Marketing Director asked us to capture testimonial stories from patients at their Cancer Treatment Center. Davideo Company interviewed several patients and blended in footage of the newly renovated Center.


Client: The Community Roundtable

The Community Roundtable provides resources and training for community management professionals through their online community, The CR Network.


How We Helped:

Shannon Abram, Director of Marketing at The Community Roundtable, selected Davideo Company to record testimonials from members of their network. We produced a series of generic testimonial videos for them, as well as this video to promote attendance for their annual conference, The CR Connect.


Client: The New England Business Association

The New England Business Association, formerly known as the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE), is a not-for-profit association of approximately 600 member companies located throughout New England. They run diverse, educational and networking programs each year with active chapters in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.


How We Helped:

Each year, the New England Business Association hosts representatives from the US Navy’s NAVSEA, NAVAIR, and NAVSUP branches for an SBIR Workshop. In addition to live streaming these events, Davideo Company captures testimonials from some of the attendees, which are used to encourage attendance at future workshops.


Client: Centage Corporation

Centage Corporation provides companies with powerful automated budgeting and financial forecasting software with their Budget Maestro software family.


How We Helped:

Centage chose Davideo Company to produce a series of testimonial videos featuring customers from across the country. Our extensive network of video colleagues enabled us to arrange for the interviews to be captured, to our specifications, on location in multiple cities. All of the footage was then edited in our studio.


Client: Hydro Family Fitness

Hydro Family Fitness produces a line of handheld fitness equipment.


How We Helped:

Hydro Family Fitness partnered with Davideo Company to film their marketing and training videos, as well as several testimonial videos.



Client: Dental Associates of Marlborough

Dental Associates of Marlborough is a family dental clinic located in Marlborough, MA.


How We Helped:

Dr. Sanjiv Nehra wanted to add video to the Dental Associates website, but didn’t have a large budget.  Davideo Company suggested starting with a series of patient testimonial videos to show prospective patients why they should choose Dental Associates.



Client: Mastercraft Exteriors

Mastercraft Exteriors installs roofing and siding on homes nationwide.


How We Helped:

Mastercraft wanted to produce a customer testimonial video to promote their re-roofing services. Davideo Company interviewed one of their residential clients right in his front yard.


Client: Bridges Together

Bridges Together is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and connecting generations.


How We Helped:

Davideo Company has worked with Bridges to produce an overview of their program, as well as several testimonials from some of the people involved. Here’s a testimonial from the Assistant Superintendent of a school system that Bridges Together works with.


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