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With "Show and Tell" Video

The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) wanted to use video to help drivers learn how to assist passengers traveling in wheelchairs.
Sara White, Director of Marketing and Communications at the MWRTA says "The video looks great. It incorporates everything we need for a training video. We are very eager to show it off"
Here's a clip of the finished video

And here is a sample of a presentation we shot and edited for Microtraining Associates, a pioneer in the use of video training for psychologists and therapists.


Video can also help you cut the cost of employee orientation and subsequent training.

We've helped a number of clients improve the skills of their sales people through the use of multi-camera "role play" scenarios.


Here is a sample of one we did for

Visual guides can also streamline customer support. We can help you show clients how to unpack, assemble, install, use, and troubleshoot your products themselves!

Recordings of in-house seminars serve as valuable reference tools.


“While I was at Egenera, we repeatedly hired Davideo Company to create and maintain video-based training on the Installation and Support of the Egenera BladeFrame. The finished work included professional audio/video productions placed on DVDROM for our Field Support Teams. Peter was highly experienced in this type of video production and never ceased to amaze me with his probing questions and deep understanding of the viewer's needs. This resulted in a product that was much more than a video-shoot but instead a comprehensive and multifaceted training tool that helped in our success.” 
                                                  - Chris Buzzy, Principal Trainer, Egenera, Inc.
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