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The written manuals for many complex products are often notoriously incomplete and obsolete. If the technician assigned to install or service the equipment has to guess what to do next, time is wasted and components can even become damaged. A video recording of the proper procedure can clarify the task to avoid the pitfalls, and that video can be accessed from wherever the work has to be done!

Client: SimpliVity, Inc.
What They Do: SimpliVity powers the world's most efficient and resilient data centers with the most complete hyper converged infrastructure solutions.
How We Helped: SimpliVity needed to train technicians around the world how to install and service their systems. They found that the manuals that come with the systems are not detailed enough, causing unnecessary calls into tech support and accidental damage to the systems. Their training manager contacted Davideo Company to produce a series of technical training videos for each of their systems.
SimpliVity's Training Manager, Chris Buzzy, says:
"What I've found is having a video, and having one that is professionally produced, far exceeds simply having a manual available and asking someone to go read it. There's often tiny little details about something that you have to look out for that very often doesn't make it into the docs, or if it is presented in the docs, doesn't do the same that the video production can do where you actually show that task being accomplished."
Here is one of the videos we produced to show technicians how to install one of their Lenovo systems.

Client: SimpliVity, Inc
Here is one of the videos that we produced to show technicians how to service one of their OmniStack systems.

Client: Spectro Scientific
What They Do: Spectro Scientific develops and supplies instruments for machine condition monitoring based on oil and fuel analysis.
How We Helped: We produced this video for Spectro to show the end users how to clean and condition the test cell plates, load a sample, and make the measurement using their SpectroVisc Q3000 system.

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