How do you capture attention? Is it what you say or how you say it? To connect with your audience, you must master both.

Being a strong presenter can enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence, and open up countless opportunities, but most professionals lack the confidence and tools to develop public speaking skills. While good skills can open doors, poor ones can close them and stall your career progression. Your inability to engage an audience can negatively impact how people perceive your credibility, knowledge, and competence.

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Tap into the experience and skills of a successful motivational speaker, public speaking and presentation coach and audience engagement expert.

Davideo Company has partnered with Mark Altman, founder of MindsetGo, an innovative training organization, to offer our clients on-camera training and presentation coaching for your production! Using extensive live feedback and video analysis, clients practice a wide range of broadcast communication techniques to communicate, engage, and respond with an executive presence. Mark develops your natural strengths - voice, energy, wit, mental agility, intensity, and warmth. He then orchestrates those strengths so you experience a dramatic improvement.

After completing a MindsetGo training program, you and your presentations will capture people’s attention and inspire them to apply what you said and take action on your message.

MindsetGo Coaching Options:

Storytelling Coaching:

• Grabbing the attention of the audience with a powerful opening

• Telling stories to illustrate points

• Modulating vocal tone to emphasize important points and avoid • monotonous presentation

• Rehearsing the presentation and revising rough spots

Audience Engagement Coaching:

• Captivate with passion and vitality

• Deliver powerful messages colleagues and customers can hear

• Ensure your presentations are crisp, clear, credible, and focused squarely on what's important to your audience

• Tap into pain and pleasure to get audiences to act

Presentation Coaching:

Express yourself in your own time and in your own unique way, without fear or discomfort

Align verbal and body language to complement, not conflict, with your message

Use your voice to convey credibility

Rehearsing the presentation and revising rough spots

Content and Script Development:

Develop engaging content that differentiates you from the competition


Each Coaching Session Includes:

• Review of Existing Content

Feedback on existing video to identify areas of improvement

Practice through video review and playback

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