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We Can't Clone You, But We
Can Clone Your Training

Do you find yourself making the same training presentations over and over again, to customers, your sales people, and new employees?


We'll record and edit your presentation, complete with slides, video clips and other graphics, and make it available online so that your audience can view it and go back to reference the content whenever and wherever they want (if your content is proprietary, we can upload your videos to a private server with password protection).


Client: The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority

The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority is a regional public transit authority providing bus and para-transit service to eleven communities in the Boston MetroWest.


How We Helped:

The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority wanted to use video to help drivers learn how to assist passengers traveling in wheelchairs.


Sara White, Director of Marketing and Communications at the MWRTA told us:


"The video looks great. It incorporates everything we need for a training video. We are very eager to show it off".


Client: The New England Business Association

The New England Business Association, formerly known as the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE), is a not-for-profit association of approximately 600 member companies located throughout New England. They run diverse, educational and networking programs each year with active chapters in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.


How We Helped:

Every year, The New England Business Association holds The New England Innovation Awards to recognize companies that have transformed their innovative ideas into a product or service that delivers proven value to customers. The mentoring program was established to help the nominees navigate the process of the Innovation Awards program and fine-tune their presentations to the judges. The Vice President of Operations trains all of the mentors on how to work with their mentees, giving the same presentation multiple times a year to work around the mentors schedules.


This year, they hired Davideo Company to create a training video so that she wouldn't have to keep repeating her presentation. We filmed an introduction to the training on camera and used a voice over behind the presentation slides, so that in future years, we will only need to re-record and change out specific dates and times for the various events.


Client: Community Training and Assistance Center

The Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC) provides technical assistance, research & evaluation, and informs policy in education and community development.


How We Helped:

CTAC hired Davideo Company to film a series of training videos for teachers. The videos consisted of introductions shot on green screen, three camera role-play scenarios of a teacher and principal meeting to discuss student progress, and additional text and graphics added in post.


Client: Microtraining Associates

Microtraining Associates is a pioneer in the use of video training for psychologists and therapists.


How We Helped:

Davideo Company recorded this training presentation for Microtraining, which includes video of the presenters and slides.

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