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Google will flag ALL non HTTPS websites starting in July 2018!

Posted by Candice Moore on Jun 28, 2018 11:00:12 AM

Over the past several years, Google has been pushing developers towards adopting HTTPS encryption on their websites to create a safer web experience for everyone. Currently, all websites that have HTTPS encryption are marked with a green "Secure" message to the left of the URL at the top of a web page to let users know when a site is safe, and over the last year Google has started flagging non HTTPS sites with a "Not Secure" message, to warn users of possible un-safe sites.

Treatment of HTTPS Pages showing secure message

Because of this push from Google, many people have been transitioning their sites from HTTP to HTTPS. In order to continue this progress towards a safer web experience, Google announced in February that ALL non HTTPS sites will be flagged with a "Not Secure" message starting in July of 2018.

Treatment of HTTP Pages showing not secure message starting in July 2018

Although users will still be able to access HTTP websites, the "Not Secure" message may deter them from staying. This will cause higher bounce rates and lower engagement for sites that are still using HTTP. If you have not yet adapted HTTPS encryption for your website, you should check out set-up guides from Google, or contact your web developer to get started.

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