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Davideo Company was founded in 1992 by Peter Stassa, a 20-year veteran of the Boston broadcasting industry. Davideo Company is a long-time member of the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce, where Peter has served on the Board of Directors, as well as the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce. Davideo Company has also been a member of the National Professional Videographers' Association of New England.


Key Creative Staff

Peter Stassa | Executive Producer

Peter Stassa (Executive Producer)

Peter's background in media and marketing serves him well as Davideo Company's Executive Producer. "We specialize in creating compelling visual tools that help our clients communicate more effectively," he says. "The best way to be sure that your customers understand what you do is to show them what you do. With video, you can take your prospects anywhere you want them to go, show them anything you want them to see, and show it to them anytime you want." Peter's extensive network of skilled scriptwriters, cinematographers, graphic artists, narrators, and other creative professionals allows him to assemble the team best suited to meet the needs of your particular project.

Candice Moore | Lead Editor

Candice Moore (Lead Editor)

In addition to being a skilled videographer, Candice has a keen eye and ear for identifying the best material and blending those audio and visual elements into a cohesive story that delivers your message in a compelling and engaging manner. Candice began working for the company after graduating from The New England Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Science degree in Video Production.

Caitlin Stassa | Production and Marketing Assistant

Caitlin Stassa (Production and Marketing Assistant)

Since graduating from Emerson College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Art degree in Film Production, Caitlin has expanded a longtime freelance relationship with Davideo Company. In addition to working on set, Caitlin now produces online content and manages marketing campaigns.





Our Experience

Davideo Company specializes in producing compelling visual tools that help our clients communicate more effectively. We help our clients create exciting and engaging videos for their business such as product demos, training videos, customer testimonials, and more. We can handle everything you need, from script development and the acquisition of raw footage at any location, right through the editing process and on to final duplication and distribution on DVD or over the Internet.

We work with companies of all sizes throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and more. Our extensive list of professional videography contacts allows us to have high quality footage captured all around the world and sent back to us to edit into a finished piece.

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Our team of skilled professionals will travel anywhere to bring your message to life!

Here are some stills from some of our past on-location shoots

Caitlin putting a lav mic on the talent for non-profit company AdvocatesPeter standing at the camera with headphones onPeter filming an interview to use in a marketing video for the YMCA's HighFlight programPeter filming a training video for The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority

Peter and crew on set of a marketing video for Power HydrantPeter and crew on set of a training video for Hydro Family FitnessCandice monitoring audio at a shoot for SimpliVity's employee orientation

Crew on set at a shootPeter and crew on set of a marketing video for Power HydrantPeter standing in on camera to set proper framing before talent arrives

Davideo crew on set of a shoot for non-profit company AdvocatesPeter and crew on set of a marketing video for Power HydrantCandice monitoring audio on set of a shoot for non-profit organization Taly Foundtation

Candice standing at the Davideo Company Booth at a trade showOn set of a company meeting shoot for SimpliVityPeter, Candice, and crew on set of a training video shoot for CTAC

On set filming an interview for non-profit organization The MetroWest Center for Independent LivingOn set of a testimonial video shoot for CentageFilming a presentation at The Venture Forum

On set of a shoot with green screenPeter, Candice, and crew on set of a training video shoot for CTACPeter filming with headphones on monitoring audioPeter, crew, and talent on set of a training video shoot for CTAC