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 "What an outstanding job you did with Karin's video. I've never seen so many emails applauding the event as we received, plus donations that were made at the event, and I believe that is due to your work. Thanks so much!!"

- Miriam Kimball, Mission Awareness & Philanthropy Director, Metrowest YMCA

(You can view this fundraising video here)


We are Corporate Video Production Specialists!

Our bottom line is the same as yours: results! Yes, we understand the technology of digital video, but more importantly, we understand marketing and sales. We know that it's not just about special's about delivering your message effectively and motivating your audience to respond.



Some of Our Recent and Upcoming Projects:

December 2016: SBANE (the Smaller Business Association of New England) and NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command) select Davideo Company to record and live-stream a presentation for prospective Navy vendors. This marks the second straight year that Davideo Company will provide video streaming services for this event. Here is an excerpt from last year's event.

October 2016: Davideo Company records the latest in a series of continuing education classroom sessions on behalf of the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts. After editing, these sessions will be offered online.

September 2016: SimpliVity, Inc., a world leader in data-storage technology, selects Davideo Company to prepare another series of instructional videos for use in the field by technicians worldwide.

August 2016: Davideo Company renews its sponsorship of the SBANE Massachusetts Breakfast Series. These monthly presentations are recorded, edited and made available on the SBANE website and YouTube channel. You can see a sample here.

July 2016: Davideo Company continues production on a series of interviews for Advocates, a Framingham-based non-profit provider of services to individuals facing life challenges.

June 2016: Davideo Company produced a video for the Taly Foundation, an organization dedicated to expanding access to preschool in order to prepare more children for starting Kindergarten. You can view the video here.

May 2016: Davideo Company begins production on a fourth series of training videos for CTAC USA (Community Training and Assistance Center), a national, nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with school leaders, teachers, parents, and community organizations to build their capacity for achieving sustainable, high-impact change.

April 2016: Davideo Company produces another series of informational and fundraising videos for the MetroWest YMCA.

February 2016: For the eighth consecutive year, Teachers College at Columbia University selects Davideo Company to record a series of presentations at their annual Winter Roundtable, a program devoted to cultural issues in psychology and education.